Unravelled Stories

Like turning pages in an old cherished book, we have gone through our memories from travels far, far away and from exploring the nearby surroundings on late evening strolls. Memories and fragments filled with happiness, joy and laughter allowing us to recollect and combine them with the new experiences gathered along the way. The soft, pale colours of misty mornings, the glory of stunning flowers in a wild grown field and the magic sunset over a nearby lake combined with the curiosity stirred when wandering the rows of stands in a flea market…  These small fragments bring us the inspiration to create something new, something romantic yet playful.


Ewa i Walla Spring/Summer 2021 collection presents “Unravelled Stories”; a carefully selected ensemble with small pieces gathered from the past creating something new, something that is both extraordinary and stunning.

Our Gold label garments come in a thrilling mix of fabrics with embroidered tulle, organdie and linen with exquisite embroideries. More adorable embroideries are found on dotted and plaid garments. With four colour variations available one can mix and match for a playful look.

This seasons’ knitwear presents a pullover in delicate alpaca, perfect for the colder days, and a fabulous surprise from our designer is found on the back of the shirt cotton tunic; a print made by Ewa!  

The soft pastel colours Powder, Soft Jade and Sand, together with Vintage Black and White, are in perfect harmony with this seasons’ prints on voile: the block printed flowers and the adorable flower cotton print. For the first time ever the flower print option is also available in jersey, enabling one to keep the flowers while getting the soft comfort of cotton jersey.

Wear it, love it and live it!

Ewa i Walla - makes you flourish.



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