Autumn Stories

A misty morning and the rain drops gently knocking on your window to make sure you are awake; no sight of the sun and it is still dark outside… On mornings like this it feels difficult to get up with the warm, cozy duvet embracing you and all you want is to stay in bed and wait for the sun and lighter days to come back. But if you just put your mind to it, jump out of bed, splash your face with some cold water - you are ready for this new day. Maybe a new exciting adventure is just around the corner so embrace each day and do the best of it, it is up to you! Bring a friend and go out and write your stories, your own Autumn Stories…


Ewa i Walla’s Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection presents: “Autumn Stories” a celebration of the strength that comes from within and the power our mind has on how we approach each day. With a positive mind, a warm outfit that makes you look and feel stunning and together with a dear friend even the mistiest and rainiest day can be great. And while making the most of this day, all of a sudden, you feel the delicate touch of the pale autumn sun on your skin and the reminiscence of the summer sun is near.

For these cold and misty autumn days we bring you beautiful knitwear in a mix of alpaca and merino wool. Accessories featured in patterned knit with lace detail will add that little extra to any outfit and keep you warm all day long. This season’s jackets and coats (in 100 % wool) is a soft and flowing fabric with varied buttons which gives the unique detailing Ewa i Walla is so popular for. Taking it to a new level, one of the coats is made with delicate embroidered flowers in colours that perfectly match the rest of the collection.

This collection also comes with our beloved flower cotton, in a rich and musty colour with a dramatic flower print hand painted by Ewa i Walla herself, a must have for all Ewa i Walla women out there! More flowers can be found on jackets and trousers in cotton twill, we love the clash of the rough material and the cute print. Our classic models in soft flannel are perfect for the autumn and winter wardrobe with a lightly brushed surface, light but still warm to the touch and to wear and even here you can choose flowers in a gorgeous small flower print but also a variety of solid colours.  

Our Gold Label garments this season are represented in an array of fabulous and dreamlike styles in organdie and tulle. The autumnal coloured silk, with gold like dots, are perfect for all festive occasions.

Stripes and checks on carefully selected qualities bring that extra something to the collection and the block printed floras and squares made in the historic village of Bagru - famous for its craftsmanship - give each garment a unique look and contribute to a unique feeling to the wearer.

The gorgeous flower cotton will also come in beautiful beddings to make it even harder to get up in the morning. Together with a small selection of curtains and pillows in this season’s signature fabrics and prints, we offer you the opportunity to give your home the right Ewa i Walla ensemble.

This season’s colours: Amber, Green Clay, Old Rose and Silver Blue, together with Cream and Vintage Black, are in perfect harmony with the various prints and patterns. The endless combinations give you the opportunity to express yourself with a personal and unique style that make you look and feel stunning, enjoy!

Wear it, love it and live it!

Ewa i Walla - makes you flourish.



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