Ewa i Walla Anniversary Collection


15 years of inspiration, adventure and success!

People often ask me if I have any favourites among all the garments and collections
I have made over the years…
Of course I have my favourites! But which ones are they?

As a designer, you like “everything” that you create but some pieces and prints have
that special place in your heart… Some because they have been really successful and
ppreciated and others on a more emotional level.

As you can imagine I have a really big closet, containing 15 years of my life, so one
vening I felt it was time to take a really good look and rediscover these special pieces all over again.

I lit the old wooden stove in the kitchen and all the candles I could find and started
my journey back in time. It became a very sentimental evening filled with
smiles and laughter. Looking back I realized that I should have gotten it on film,
I had to try every piece on again!

What really amazes me is that many garments I created 10-12 years ago
still feel new and exciting… that has to be what you call sustainable fashion!

I have now created an Anniversary Collection with some of my absolute favourites
from the past 15 years. I hope this will bring many joyful memories to all customers
that have already experienced them and I also invite our new customers to
share a piece of our Ewa i Walla history!

To make each garment in this collection feel as special to you as a customer,
as it is to me, I have decided to make a limited collection, each garment
marked with its unique number, enjoy!

My life, my story and with the vision to continue into the future…


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